Evil Eye Protection Candle

$ 48

Black Currant + Jasmine - A blend of Jasmine and dark fruits with notes of amber and tonka, our Evil Eye protection soy wax candle starts with hints of citrus and opens up to red and black currant berries. Jasmine envelops the fruity notes with a romantic and dreamy floral aroma to create a rounded and graceful fragrance. 

White Currant + Geranium - An alluring balance of tart and sweet with notes of red currant and zesty lemon peel, our Hamsa Evil Eye protection soy wax candle gives an airy aroma perfect for the botanical loving heart, enveloped with juniper and geranium. There are light hints of black currant and peppermint in the base which reinforces the tart freshness. 

10 oz hand poured sustainable soy wax candle in Los Angeles.

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