Founded in 2015 in Venice Beach, California, Black + Jane is a multi faceted accessories and beauty brand focusing on metaphysical magic, apothecary, and self-love. Every piece is thoughtfully handmade in Los Angeles.

We do our best to be sensitive towards concerns and fears about cultural appropriation but we also strongly believe in being open and sharing all aspects of all cultures. We believe that sharing our resources of smudging and burning sage to communities who wouldn't usually have access to it otherwise will only positively spread knowledge of this important and spiritual practice. We believe in self-care and self-loving yourself with our handmade products and we hope to bring just that little bit of light, love and joy to your everyday life. 

All of our floral materials are ethically and sustainably sourced from local southern California growers and farmers. Materials that are sourced outside of the US have also been carefully researched and vetted for quality, ethics, and sustainability. 

We value all of your opinions. We value YOU as a customer. If you ever feel the need to reach out and have an open conversation, feel free to contact us. ANYTIME. 

- Jane

CEO of Black + Jane